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You’re Effin’ Out!

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You’re Effin’ Out! vs Legit


Lubbock, Tx – – After two weeks off due to the All-Star game, You’re Effin’ Out will finish its last game of the season at home versus Legit. Already win less through the last two seasons, a possible victory tonight would place them third in their respected division. Last game performances vs Low Priced Talent was memorable but not historic. YEF was able to continue their offensive production but still lacks in consistent defensive play. Late errors in-game 2 cost YEF a victory and a decent seeding in the playoffs. Legit who is also win less came close to winning, only to lose by three runs to team America. If you look back at the beginning of the schedule, YEF lost to America by ten runs and but Legit lost to Low Price Talent by 21. As sports fans know, you cannot look at previous losses to judge a future game, I.E. Kansas vs A&M, Tech vs Kansas and A&M vs Tech.

Jessica Hinz will again take the mound while other positions are still being discussed. Hinz last outing started off rocky giving up one home run in the first inning along with two doubles. Eventually  she settled down to strike out four batters due to a combined devastating curve ball and slider. The two main offensive machines in game 2, Lee & Cole, need to once again carry the load on both offense and defense. All the female batters combined for zero hits in a total of 8 at bats along with terrible strike-outs. Luckily for this ball club, Legit is a team of absence. A roster of eleven players, only five players have shown up for both games while one player has been absent for all two.

If a victory is to take place for the home squad, improved consistent play must be seen and Hinz will need to enforce ground balls rather than deep fly balls. Also, a .158 batting average isn’t going to be suffice to win any ball game. A game thats ball isnt traveling more than 7 mph, solid contact with the ball should be a given. Smart base running and timely hitting will benefit any club. Vegas has the over under at 14 and the line is -3 YEF.

3/25/2010 Game Information

Game Time – 11:o0 P.M.

Location- Lubbock, TX

Texas Tech University Softball Rec. Fields

Predicted Game Time Temperature: 48 F


You’re Effin’ Out! vs Low Price Talent

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Late inning comeback falls short as You’re Effin’ Out sits 2 games out

February 4, 2010 – Recap

Lubbock, Tx — What the San Francisco Giants considered home for 39 years, Candlestick Park played venue for two teams looking to gain ground in the standings. Already coming off an impressive win last week, LPT was beaming with confidence coming into play against an opponent not known for generating substantial amount of runs. What LPT got instead was a dog-fight that almost nearly erased a perfect season. A six run first by LPT seemed to show signs of another route due to last week easy 23 – 2 win versus Legit. Expecting the same against a pitcher that has been struggling all season with her control, number 57 Jessica Hinz gave up two doubles and a home run in the first. After finally settling down, Hinz only gave up six more runs through four innings. Breaking news yesterday reported that catcher Grant Gates would not be in uniform but with a turn of fortunate events, Gates was able to play and help score one of YEF first two runs. With two new faces, Cole and Lee, this dormant offense came alive. Both Lee and Cole were able to generate hits and score late inning runs. Lead off man Jason Pace hit a triple and scored in the top of the fourth. Most players would feel confident going into their next at bat but Pace whiffed on a ball that wasn’t more than 4 feet in the air and struck-out. With a total of 11 BB and timely hitting, YEF came within one run of tying the ball game. Unfortunately the same old nemesis, sloppy defense, came back and ruined any chances of keeping the game in reach. With two costly errors in the fifth inning, LPT shut down the hopes of YEF erasing the rotting goose egg in the win column. Sadly for YEF, the 12-8 loss has sent them to an 0-2 record.

Since Fall of 2009, a win less record of 0-6 has brought tension within the organization. My colleague Amber Fikes and I were able to observe YEF pre-game warm-ups and although what seemed to be a team with passion and gumption, is instead a team that has a lot of built up frustration that is becoming more evident every day. Twenty minutes prior game time, this team had upset players fussing about positions they wanted to play and lack of adequate clothing for the chilling conditions. Only two players wore their team uniform, Ben Veazey and Jason Pace. It could be due to the colder temperatures that other players decided to wear jackets, insufficient club funds or just sheer embarrassment of wearing John Deere colors. Overall this comes down to poor a GM and coach. First a lineup and position card should be constructed way in advance, especially not 20 min. prior to game time. This just shows the commitment from the coach isn’t all there and that he may be worried about other priorities outside of his team. Starting 3rd baseman Michelle Mendez showed signs of insanity as she continuously threw her glove down to the ground. Fortunately for her my camera crew was M.I.A otherwise this would have been all over Youtube, CNN, Sports Nation, and Tech Talk. Kerri Watson who was given the role of starting right fielder was having fly ball practice ten minutes before taking the field. Needless to say her performance as a reliable outfielder would persuade most Redsox fans to experience the Bill Buckner error again.

You’re Effin’ Out performance today improved and they did show that they can hit the ball when more talent is added to the lineup. Defense is the key to winning ball games and practice is a must to be consistent. Due to All-Star Weekend, it will be two more weeks before YEF will take the field against Legit. During this time, practice is a must if these players do no want to be sent down to Tee Ball league again.

Sports Beat Writer: Burt Thompson

Assistant: Amber Fikes

Softball Coverage

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You’re Effin’ Out!

2010 Team Overview/Preview 3/4/2010

Lubbock, Tx. — With one game already in the book, You’re Effin’ Out (YEF) didn’t take long to continue the same trend from Fall of 2009. With six new faces on this squad, YEF went out to look for more talent that will help produce in the win column. Instead they ended up with a big goose egg and deja vu memories from the past season. A lineup filled with passion and guts, the quality of talent isn’t just quite there yet. This team does possess power but it is very limited and at times almost desolate. For opposing opponents and especially their pitchers, the one bat to key on is Clayton Wilson. The star of this team, Wilson is able to flash a solid glove, show burst of impressive speed and is possible the backbone of this offense. Outside of Wilson, Ben Veazey, Cody Calcatera and Grant Gates have pop in their bat but limited amount of speed. Lead off man, Jason Pace has a high on base percentage but bears a weak arm. Starting pitcher Jessica Hinz has good control of her ball and even a fast ball that has been clocked at a scorching 7 mph. Unfortunately at times Jessica tends to hang her curve ball which in turns creates a lot of balls hit to the outfield. With the outfield being less than mediocre, teams are able to take advantage of a routine single and leg it out for doubles or triples. The bench is weak and could probably take a couple more years in the minors as they haven’t been able to enhance their hitting off little leaguers and seemed to be called up too early. YEF does boast 6 females this year and could play a pivotal role as cheerleaders when the team is in need of encouragement as they get routed continuously. The one positive note so far is in Fall of 2009, YEF was only able to mustard a total of 5 runs. Now in 2010, after their first game, YEF batted in an impressive 6 runs despite losing 16-6.

3/4/2010 Game Preview

GAME TIME-  11:00 P.M


Texas Tech University Softball Rec. Fields.

Game Time Temperature :

A game where the weather is projected to be in the low forties, You’re Effin’ Out will need hot bats to keep alive in this one. Facing undefeated Low Priced Talent (LPT), YEF defense needs be on top of their game. LPT drove in 23 runs against Legit and is poised to put up crooked numbers against a team that has yet to find it’s true identity. Some new breaking news was release today as it seems Cody Calcatera and Grants Gates will not be in uniform as they have other issues at hand. These two players being absent will be put an even bigger hole in this teams offense and could even affect the team’s moral. Missing in action the first game, Andy Cotton will need to be ready to play tomorrow to replace Calcatera or Gates. Jessica Hinz will need to be on her A game to keep this team alive in the late innings, otherwise YEF might have to retreat to their depleted bullpen just to temporary stop the bleeding until the run rule becomes in effect. If YEF can limit the amount of runs given up, this will put less pressure on the offense and could even create a unique spark in the dugout. Realistically, YEF doesn’t have the talent to keep up with the perennial powerhouses of the division and will suffer another double-digit loss.