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Stuck In Reverse

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A week ago things started looking right for the Houston Astros. The team was winning and winning convincingly. The pitching and hitting seemed to be on par and glimpse of another late season run seemed possible. Now losers of the last 6 of 7, Houston has gone 13 games behind the division leader to 16. They were only 12 games under the .500 mark and now have extended their deficit to 17. So what went wrong is such a quick turn around? After their 18-4 victory over the division leading Cardinals, Houston’s momentum has seem to just float off into space. Their impressive starting pitching has evaporated and bullpen has been beyond atrocious. The hitting has slowed down but not enough to keep them in ball games.

J.A. Happ’s career in an Astros uniform has been seen three games, he has been impressive. Outside of the huge implosion vs the St. Louis Cardinals where he surrender seven runs in the first inning, Happ has had two extremely solid outings. Unfortunately for him, he is dealing with the same problem that Oswalt had to contend with. If it isn’t the offense being able to score runs, it is the bullpen not being able to hold the lead. Now these two can play hand in hand. It is hard to put pressure on the bullpen when the team only can muster a 1 or 2 two run lead with 3 + innings to go.

Another pitcher that has performed well but has failed to gain a victory in last two starts is Wandy Rodriguez. In his appearance against the Milwaukee Brewers on August 6, Wandy pitched 6 strong innings only giving up two runs. Houston had a 5-2 lead going into the bottom of the 9th where closer Matt Lindstrom blew his fifth game of the season giving up 4 runs. In his latest start Wandy again pitched admirably going seven strong allowing 2. The game extended into ten innings where relievers Lyon and Fulchino gave up six runs to the Braves.

It could be that the pen is getting worn down already as they have put in a lot of innings. They could have just hit a bad rut but excuses can be made. Things still need to be done all around the organization to improve this team. Lindstrom is going to be around as he hasn’t had a bad year blowing only 6 games. It is really the inconsistency that wears down the ball clubs patience. Not just with the pen but the starters and hitters. It is rare to have Houston’s 1-3 starters pitch great games. The pitchers themselves might go on a winning streak but as a whole, the starters will go 2-3 as the rotation cycles. That number is just if the starters can make it more than 5 innings. Most of the time it is the pen being spotted with the loss.

The rest of the August doesn’t ease up as the next five opponents will be the Pirates, Marlins, Mets, Phillies and Cardinals. The 100 loss mark could come up a lot quicker if the pen doesn’t turn it around. As the season does come to an end, we all will get a good idea who might be sticking around next year.


Revamped For The Future

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Who knew new faces could make such a huge impact immediately on a ball club. A lot of Astros fans were gloomy to see their two big stars in Oswalt and Berkman leave the organization. They have been the face of this team for the past nine plus years. They have help transition the loss of Biggio and Bagwell and send Houston to its very first World Series birth. That is history and there are a ton of new players that seem to be ready to lead this team back in contention.

The Astros are currently on a seven game winning streak which is by far the longest of this season. A team that pretty much baseball considered down and out for the count looks like it might be showing what it is capable of doing next season. So what does this mean for the rest of the season? It would be historic to see the Astros not loose for the rest of the year and make probably the greatest playoff run in the history of the game. Don’t forget, Houston has done it before. Back in 2004 the Astros fired skipper Jimmy Williams a little half way through the season and hired Phil Gardner. The Astros then went on to finish the season 46-26 and clinch a playoff berth. They eventually were ousted by the by division foe Cardinals but help set up the historic 2005 year.

After tonight’s 18-4 dismantling of the St. Louis Cardinals, Houston does sit 12 games out. This deficit seems way too big for any club to come back from. A team that has been struggling to gain any type of composer all season has enough will power to shock the world? Honestly I do not think so. Yes they have looked impressive in their win streak. They have been able to outscore their division rivals 57-12. There were times were Houston looked like they would have trouble scoring 57 runs in a month. Their starting pitching and bullpen have all of suddenly have found their niche . Every starting pitching was able to notch a victory at least once and new face J.A. Happ looked like he has claimed the Ace roll.

There are so many players that have impressed me. Jason Bourgeois and Jason Castro who both were called up from Round Rock have made a significant impact. Bourgeois who hasn’t yet found his swing yet has been a more than solid fielder. His ability to play outfield and infield makes him such a viable utility player. The same goes with Castro as he seems to be able to communicate with his fellow pitchers. Though his batting average hasn’t been outstanding, he does have two home-runs.

These next two players have been the most impressive. Third baseman Chris Johnson who has been called up before has seem to finally been able to figure how to hit off big league pitchers. Since becoming a consistent starter June 22, Johnson has a .341 B.A., 21 RBI and 4 HR. Johnson rode a 14 game hit streak all the way to the end of July but hasn’t seemed to slow down going 4 of 8 the last two games. New SS Angel Sanchez has also made a strong impact as he has shown the ability to hit. Entering the lineup July 2, Sanchez B.A. is .293 along with 14 RBI. Since he isn’t a power hitter, he has shown be a great contact hitter. His role at the top of the lineup has really boosted this offense and could make Michael Bourn’s job a lot easier.

These next two guys have been on the team for a while but mainly bench players. Since they team needed a lot of changes, they have come through unbelievably as starters. Jeff Keppinger might have found a home after bouncing around on four ball clubs in six years. His bat, glove and veteran-ship have seem to make a contribution throughout the organization. Though his numbers are not overwhelming All-star caliber, with the combination of all these new players, they have helped tremendously. Jason Michaels who switches roll as starter and bench player has not been a disappointment. It seems whenever this club needs a boost during the game, it is Michaels that can create that spark. His Grand Slam against the Brewers help Houston propel into the lead and the rest of the offense seemed to come alive.

If the Astros are able to finish .500 come season end, than this year will be a success. Anything less won’t shock me and anything more will be a miracle. All I know is if Houston can get a couple more of key pieces, than the rebuilding process will not be as long as people thought.

Astros 4-0 victory vs Reds avoids series Sweep

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Even though the second half of the season has started off better than the first, Houston’s overall play is still as bad as ever. Despite being 3-3 heading into their home series with the Reds, the Astros offense is still dormant and their only ace wants out-of-town. I am always optimistic about Houston turning things around and making those late season runs like they did in the mid 2000 years. This year shows no sign of this promising turn around. Though Houston is now 40-58, I am honestly surprised they have 40 wins considering their overall of inconsistent play. Houston has brought in a few new faces to help revamp this season with players as Chris Johnson, Kevin Cash, Jason Bourgeois and Angel Sanchez. Kevin Cash is now gone as he was traded to the Red Sox for Angel Sanchez. Chris Johnson has been pretty solid since his call up from Round Rock. He is currently on a nine game hitting streak while is overall batting average is .315. He has seem to be performing than season starter Pedro Feliz.

Bud Norris took game one of the series and once again struggled to keep earned run down to a minimal. Even though Red’s starter Travis Wood also struggled, Houston’s bullpen once again failed to keep runs off the board as the Reds scored two runs after a 4-4 tie to win the game 6-4. It seems of lately there are only about one or two players in the lineup that do any significant damage per game. It is always a different player and it is very rare when all the players are able to come through. Chris Johnson has been one of the more consistent players as of lately but it was Hunter Pence in this game that help Houston get on the scored board. One of the new arrivals Angel Sanchez performed well too but when your main bats in Berkman and Lee are incapable of producing, the rest of this team isn’t talented enough to win ball games late. Of course this has been a repeating story all year long and once in awhile you will see the bats clicking. Houston does have the capabilities to knock in runs but even with that  baseball clubs heavily rely on pitching.

Oswalt who has been in the media for the past week took game two and probably had his worst outing of the season giving up six runs in a mere five innings. Things seem to being going downhill for Oswalt as he just wants to get out of town. The fans of Houston have always loved The Wizard but majority of them understand why he wants to leave. We cannot be mad at him and knew this was coming at the beginning of this season and probably part through last. Houston’s total of four hits in this game just solidifies why Oswalt is just getting tired of trying to be perfect out there every time when the offense cannot muster more hits than the Hanson Brothers. Once again Chris Johnson was the only one able to record more than one hit in this game and has pretty much claimed the starting roll at third. It is a good thing that the Astros only signed Pedro Feliz to a one year contract and didn’t lose much when he becomes a FA.

Game three is always a must win when you are already down 0-2 in any series. Just becomes more a of a pride issue. Even though the Reds are in first in the division, losing three straight in a series especially at home is never a good feeling.  With Wandy Rodriguez on the mound, I am sure many people chalked this up as a loss but surprisingly Wandy pitched well and usually does at home. He does have eight wins which is only 6 less than his 2009 total but is one loss from matching 2009 too. He is probably one of the biggest disappointments this year as many people believed that he is finally become a reliable starter. You can always blame lack of offense but remember, Houston has been shooting blanks for a while. I am not really sure why Wandy cannot perform well on the road. We all know it is tougher but eventually you will figure it out. Could be a mentality ordeal just what Brad Lidge went through but not as worse.This game the Astros line up was more productive top to bottom. Bourn had a good game going 3 for 4 with 2 RBIs while Johnson and Pence both hit solo shots. There have been rumors that closer Matt Lindstrom could be traded but as of now he is still in an Astros uniform where he was able to come close the game out but not in a save situation.

The Chicago Cubs who the Astros recently took the series from in Chicago come rolling into town for a three game set then they will play the Brewers following. To come out of this 3-3 would be nice and a success. I can see them going 2-4 in the next six games and Oswalt trade negotiations should be really heating up more.

Series win, Astros even second half record

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Starting off the second half season with back to back road series is something any team hates to do. It is something that the Astros would have loved to avoid considering that they started off the beginning of the season 0-8. After notching a win to start the second half, Houston at least knew that they had at least one win under their belt and could probably breathe a little easier. Unfortunately Houston dropped the next two as they were outscored 23-6. Bud Norris pitched game two and was rocked early sending him back to the showers after only 4.2 innings pitched. By then the score was 5-4 but the bullpen couldn’t manage to stop the bleeding. Roy Oswalt took the mound game three and pitched well before leaving the game after being hit in the ankle by a ball. After that the bullpen fell apart again and the offense was only able to manage three hits to Pittsburgh suddenly potent offense which finished with 19.

Then Houston went to Chicago to face their division rival Cubs. After looking terrible against the basement dweller Pirates, another poor outing by this club look inevitable. I was proven wrong as Houston took again the first game of the series winning 11-5 and Wandy looked good on the road which is extremely rare. Third basemen Chris Johnson was a double away from reaching the cycle has he finished the day going 3 for 5 with three RBIs. Every starting player in the lineup was able to notch out a hit as the Astros finished with 17.

Game two was a completely different story as the Cubs brought out the bats and pounded the Stros 14-7. Houston was able to jump on top of the Cubs 6-0 but then the bullpen once again failed to not give up runs. Wesley Wright who has been coming out of the bullpen started his first game of his career and pitched well until the 5th inning rolled around where he gave up six runs. Chris Johnson had another huge game going 2 for 4 with 2 RBis.

Game three the bats finally cooled off as it became a pitching showdown as Brett Myers took the mound for the Astros while Ted Lilly was he counterpart. The game last twelve innings and with the help of two home runs by Jason Michaels, the Astros won 4-3. Acquired from the Red Sox this year, SS Angel Sanchez went 3 of 6 and has hit well while being in an Astros uniform.

Brett Myers, whose name has been thrown around in trade talks, has pitched well his last 5 of 6 outings. Out of those five outings, Myers once only lasted six innings, otherwise it was 7 or more. Also he was able to notch three wins amongst those outings and would probably have more if Houston could score earlier for him.

Another pitching that has been in the news again is Roy Oswalt. He has openly said that he wants to be traded but the club that picks him up also needs to pick up his $16 million option. According to sources, the Philadelphia Phillies are highly interested in acquiring the 32 year old righthander. Oswalt who has been with the Astros his whole career since 2001, has now maybe scared off any big time contenders going after him. He hasn’t been as dominate the past couple of season but many reasons could factor into that. The Phillies are looking for a solid arm to add to their top heavy rotation to help them win the NL East. The price tag might be too much and the Phillies could be shopping else where for another arm at a cheaper price. With the Braves already making a big splash in the trade market, this trade talk could come to an dead end pretty soon.

Lone Star Series

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Houston will travel to Texas to continue the Lone Star Series. Already down 0-3 in the series, the Astros look to continue their two game win steak as they were able to take 2 of 3. The Texas Rangers have been the hottest team in baseball the past two weeks winning eleven straight and the last 14 of 15. They also sit comfortably atop of the A.L. West by 4.5 games. This series means a lot to both ball clubs as they Rangers would like to maintain the Silver Boot for the fourth straight year. Also if the Rangers can win the series, it will help maintain their lead over the Angels before they head to Angel Stadium in their next series. For the Astros, redemption is obviously in their eyes. A sweep over the Rangers would tie the series for the season and salvage some respect. Houston does sit 4.5 back of the Brewers who have won four straight.

Brian Moehler will take the mound for the Astros as he is still searching for his first win, 0-4. Moehler last outing was versus the Rangers where he only gave up one two runs through six innings. Unfortunately the Astros only salvaged one run and Moehler was notched with his fourth loss. Hunter Pence has been hot as of lately batting over .320 in his last nine games. New catcher Jason Castro will be making his fourth start of the season. Castro was able to go 2 for 3 with a home-run in a 7-5 victory over the Giants.

Texas will have 7-4 Colby Lewis taking the mound for them. Lewis has won his last three starts and has only given up four runs in those three starts. The Rangers offense ranks third overall behind the Red Sox and Yankees. They are tied with the Kansas City Royals with the highest batting average. Josh Hamilton has continued his hot streak has he is now batting .345 which puts him third overall. He also is riding an 18 game hitting streak. During this streak, Hamilton has hit eight home-runs, 24 RBI and helped sky-rocket his batting avg. by .45. Another big bat that will be a concern for Houston is Vladimir Guerrero. He has been the most consistent hitter all season and this has shown as he is second overall in RBIs.

If you were a betting man, putting money on the Rangers to win the series would be a smart thing. I could see them easily sweep the Astros as now they will be at home. If Houston has any shot of taking a game, it will be when Roy Oswalt takes the mound in game 3. Also his performance could determine how hard the Rangers come after him for a trade.

Astros Update

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Nothing much has changed since my last post after Houston was swept by the Yankees. They went to Kansas City to face the Royals to drop 2 of 3 and now have started their Lone Star Series against the Texas Rangers by losing the first game. Most ball clubs tend to improve despite how bad they are during the season. There are usually part of the line up that sees promise or even the bull pen. The thing is when I look at the Astros stats and analyze the percentage, Houston hasn’t shown hope.

Carlos Lee started of the season terrible. Batting around .210 for majority of the year, Lee finally snapped out of his slump to bring his average up to .268. Then the last past two weeks, his average has dropped significantly again and now sits a .224. Michael Bourn who was batting over .310 for all of May and into June, now is barely clipping the .250 mark. The return of Lance Berkman helped the Astros go on a winning streak at the beginning of the year but since then, he hasn’t performed to his normal standards. The rest of the line-up basically has the same story with the same sad ending. Maybe the one player that seems to be showing any signs of a quality MLB player is Jeff Keppinger. Keppinger started the season on the bench playing behind Tommy Manzella, Keppinger started getting playing time and has done extremely well considering how terrible the rest of the team has been.

The pitching is a mess. That is all that really needs to honestly be said. Roy wants out and the rest of the rotation needs to be back in the minors. I was hoping Wandy Rodriguez would be really proving himself as a number two ace, but his 3-10 record has proven me wrong. Brett Myers is doing his part but really isn’t a threat when he takes the mound. Paulino had a nice pitching streak over his last five starts before giving up 8 runs in 4.2 innings to the Royals. The bullpen can go and should. The club needs to have a fire house sale and dump everyone. Surprising how negative this all sounds, the Astros are not the worst team in baseball nor the worst team in their division. I am sure they wish All-Star break was the end of their season but maybe there will be some significant adjustments before the second half to make the rest of the season more tolerable.

Despite Recent Sweep, Astros Maintain Fifth Spot

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Houston rolled up north to visit the New York Yankees and left Yankees Stadium going 0-3. Previously, the Astros were 8-2 and were able to move into fifth place in the N.L. Central. Carlos Lee was coming around and finally showing signs of power blasting four home-runs and bringing his batting average from .240 to .263. Houston were able to go from the worst hitting ball club to the 28th spot. I knew this magical run of theirs would probably come to a halt when they had to travel to New York. I was actually quite impressed by their performance, especially taking 3 of 4 at the Colorado Rockies. I would have liked to see the starting pitchers notch some wins toward their seasonal record but at the same time it was good to see the bullpen put on strong showings.

I wish I was able to catch a couple of the Yankees and Astros games. I knew majority of the games were probably going to be a blow out. Best offense vs the worst offense. Number nine overall pitching vs number 23. The lineups are comparing a varsity squad vs a pop warner team. Even the Yankees reserved would be consistent starters for the Astros. The Astros have way too many AAA and AA players starting on their team that shouldn’t just because they screwed up their farm system.

Ex Houston Astros Andy Pettitte took the mound game one vs Brett Myers. The Yankees came out strong with no surprises scoring 3 runs in the bottom of the first. Great-fully, Houston didn’t crumble and scored two in the top of the second. Myers did settle down going seven innings while surrendering four and striking out five. Pettitte though topped him also pitching 7.1 innings but only giving up three. Chamberlin came in and was able to notch a hold and then Rivera came to get his 15th save of the season. Alex Rodriguez did not play due to injury. The top four in the batting order for the Astros went 0-16 with four strike outs. I was definitely shocked that the Stros’ only gave up four runs. It probably helped that Houston brought in Gustavo Chacin who has been the best reliever in the pen all season.

Game two was a typical Wandy Rodriguez implosion. Eight runs through five innings could send him down to the minors soon. This is his second time to give up eight runs in five innings or less and his fifth time not to last 7 innings without giving up 3 or more runs. New York once again scored in the bottom of the first but the Astros were able to gain the lead scoring one in the second and third. Then the bottom of the fifth, hell broke loose as Posada was able to hit a Grand Slam. Already scoring one in the fifth due to Nick Swisher’s RBI, the Bronx Bombers went up 6-2. It could have stopped there but in the sixth, Jeter hit his second home-run of the night bringing the final score to 9-3. Houston’s top of the order performed better as Jeff Keppinger went 3 of 4 and Carlos Lee drove in the a run. Lance Berkman though still went hitless going 0-4 which brought his series total 0-8 and 0-12 in the past three games.

The final game in the series didn’t look any prettier on paper as the Yankees once again rolled. Brian Moehler is proving why he is not ready to be a starter by not lasting more than 4.2 innings. Even though Phil Hughes was able to extend his record to 9-1, he did struggle giving up 5 runs. Jorge Posada stole the show once again sending his second grand – slam in back to back nights. The Astros were able to cut in the deficit by scoring four runs in the top of the fifth but the Yankees extended their lead by bringing two home in the bottom of the frame. Berkman got a day off due to his struggles.

Houston now continues their A.L. road trip heading to Kansas City then to come home to face the Rangers and Giants. Taking two of three againts the Royals would be much-needed because I could see the Astros going 1-5 after that. Currenlty Houston has a 25-39 record and sit fifth in the Central.

Astros avoid sweep

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Not many people believe that the Cincinnati Reds would be a top of the N.L. Central. They have played very solid baseball beating the weaker teams and being able to battle with the top-tier clubs. Even their losses are not blowouts as they are able to keep within one or two runs. They host the Houston Astros who came in losing the last 8 of 11. Wandy Rodriguez started for Houston and didn’t last long as he gave up 8 runs in 3.1 innings. Those eight runs were plenty for the Reds as Houston only scored 6 runs. The Reds didn’t stop as they added seven more runs off of Fulchino, Byrdak and even catcher Kevin Cash. With this loss, the Astros dropped to 16-32 and Wandy fell to 2-7. Game two wasn’t any prettier as Houston was beaten by double digits. Just like Wandy, Brain Moehler gave up 8 runs but only lasted 2.2 innings. The Reds didn’t stop and piled on 4 more runs and when the dust settled, the score was 12-2. Even though Houston is use to losing already this season, being out scored 27-8 just makes the season even longer. Game three Houston was able to pull out a victory that took it to the tenth inning. A 0-0 ball game to the top of the 10th, Lance Berkman doubled off Micah Owings to put the Astros up 2-0 and help avoid the sweep. With this win, Houston moved to 17-33 and 12.5 out of first. They also help extend their lead over worst team in baseball, Baltimore, by 2.5 games.

No matter how you look for anything positive the past three series, Houston has not be able to make any positive strides. Blow out losses, no offense, terrible back end rotation will just keep digging into the team skin. Houston could have 50 losses by the all-star break. I am not going to lose hope even though I know there isn’t a chance that they make any type of miracle run. My passion for this club stays the same. The city of Houston is just ready for major changes and they need to happen sooner rather than later. It is hard for us Astros fans to admit that our instate rivals are better and it makes it worse when they rub in into our face. The Rangers had to endure 10 years of this and I hope we do not endure this time of drought to become a prominent ball club. The pieces are there for positive moves, but who is willing to take the reins and accept responsibility for the negative repercussions if they occur.

I do not think Brad Mills needs to be in any conversation about firing unless some big name coach randomly quits due to disclosed reason. Mills is doing the best he can for what he has to work with. I honestly think he can become a successful coach at this level, just needs more than two players in the entire organization to rely on. There isn’t one consistent starter that is batting .300 + and only two starters batting over .250. Outside of Oswalt once again, pitching is horrendous. Wandy looks like a rookie. Bud Norris cannot beat anyone other than the Cardinals. Paulino has yet to notch a win and Brett Myers isn’t doing anything to move this club in a positive direction. The pen is falling apart quickly as Sampson, Fulchino, and Lyon seem to give up 5 + runs every time they are asked to perform.

At the end of the day I am still going to wear my Astros gear and not let anyone belittle my support for them. I will watch games and suffer with the team through those nine innings. Seventy wins this season would be nice but might be a stretch. I do not think NASA could come in and fix this problem for Houston.

Never Ending Nightmare

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Drafted in 1996, Roy Oswalt spent four years playing minor league ball for Houston affiliated teams. Then he made his major league debut in 2001 and ever since he has been one of the main faces of the organization. In his rookie season, Roy Oswalt, aka The Wizard, went 14-3 with an ERA of 2.73. He finished second in Rookie of The Year voting only to Albert Pujols and came fifth in Cy Young voting. With such a dominant performance, the Astros were able to make the playoffs where they lost in the NLDS to the Atlanta Braves. The next four season, Roy racked up a 69-34 record, with two season reaching the twenty win mark. One of his 20 win seasons was in 2005 where the Astros were able to reach the World Series were they would eventually get swept by the Chicago White Sox. 2006-2008 Roy still put up dominating numbers as he was still able to reach over the ten win mark and twice reaching fifteen wins or more. During this time period though, the Astros where showing signs of struggle when they went from placing second in the division five straight seasons to finishing fourth and third. Roy’s ERA saw a slight increase where he went from a 2.90-3.10 range to a 3.18-3.60 range. Despite the increase, his overall numbers didn’t see too much of a change.

Even though Oswalt’s numbers were great, it wasn’t what was showing on his resume that started concerning Astros fans. Houston’s offense started to become worse and worse as the next three years passed, 2006-2009. Even though Roy was able to get his wins, you could see the frustration in his body language as each outing become more of a grueling grind. He didn’t see those 5 run cushions anymore and it started to dwindle down to 1 or 2. This just puts more stress on Roy despite him still going 8 innings strong. Over time you could just tell that it was mentally breaking him down. From 2000 – 2005, Houston average 805 runs. Than from 2006-2009, the Astros averaged 703 runs a season. People might argue that 2005, the World Series year, the Astros only scored 693 runs. The Astros also had Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Roy Oswalt and a healthy Brandon Backe in the top four of the rotation. Along with a dominate closer at that time in Brad Lidge. I have always preached, dominate pitching will take you a lot further with a mediocre lineup than a dominate lineup with a mediocre pitching staff.

Also as the offensive runs started to dwindle, so did the quality of pitchers in the rotation and bullpen. Lidge fell apart after the Pujols home-run in 2005. Rodger and Andy both left after the 2006 season. Wandy still struggled to win on the road and Houston wasn’t able to find any reliable starters as they always called up pitchers to stop the bleeding. As all of this was going on, the pressure kept building on Roy to continually go out and win 15-20 games a year. 2009 we finally saw the breaking point where he wasn’t able to do it. Roy had the highest ERA of his career, clipping the 4.00 mark. First time not to win ten games in his career and even the lowest amount of strikeouts.

Now 2010, Roy is 2-6 and is still dealing with the same dilemma. His ERA is only 2.66 but still cannot get any run support to win games. With recent news of Roy wanting to be traded, we all shouldn’t be shocked. Houston is dead last in runs scored, the second worst team in the league and another less than mediocre pitching staff to support Roy. If Roy decides to leave, I will not be upset and happy that he will be playing for a team that will give him a few more years in the majors. Also this is what Houston needs to do to revamp their less than stellar farm system. A great package deal with Roy could bring in a lot of young prospects that should help the Astros in two or three years. Whatever happens to Roy down the road, he will always be one of Houston’s greats. As long as he can get on a winning team, we should see Roy in the Hall of Fame when it is all said and done.

Astros Inconsistencies

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Once again the Houston Astros were swept by the S.F. Giants. After just recently sweeping the St. Louis Cardinals, Houston took their four game winning streak to AT&T Park just to extending their loss total to 24 which still places them as the second worse team in the league. Felipe Paulino went into the series 0-5 and left 0-6. With terrible run support and giving up 7 runs, Paulino only last 4.2 innings. The Houston offense only mustered seven hits, three of them coming from the bat of Hunter Pence. Hunter was able to hit his six home run of the year but his one run combined with Lance Berkman’s RBI wasn’t enough as the Astros loss 8-2.

Game two matched up once again Tim Lincecum and Roy Oswalt. Houston was able to score one in the top of the first with a Lincecum wild pitch but that would be the end of any Astros offense production. Lincecum proceeded to go on an pitch 7 scoreless innings while striking out five. Closer Brian Wilson came in the ninth and struggled but was able to get  Kaz Matsui to fly out, who finished the day 0-5 . Roy Oswalt pitched well too except for his one mistake in the bottom of the fourth when he gave up a two run home-run to Juan Uribe. That was all the Giants needed as they won 2-1. Astros offense was stagnant once again. Only with five hits, Pence, Berkman and Lee combined to go 0-9. I was able to watch this game and it was exciting to see Roy pitch so well. He just dominated outside that one home-run. This offense though is just terrible, even though they are facing Lincecum. They prove they can hit off good pitchers, I.E. Carpenter and Wainwright. The ninth inning was really intense as Houston was able to load the bases up with two outs. Kaz Matsui, who struggled all day, gave Brain Wilson fits. After 16 pitches, 8 of them being foul balls in a row, Kaz flew out to left field.

Game three was much like game two. Good pitching from both sides and an exciting ninth inning. Brett Myers took the mound and pitch a strong eight innings while giving up four runs with seven Ks. Houston was able to score first again in the first and then scored in the fourth and seventh. Carlos Lee was able to hit his third dinger of the year but Barry Zito was still too strong for Houston to make any significant dints. Zito now, 6-1, pitched seven innings, giving up 3 and sitting down four. With Michael Bourn resting, Jeff Keppinger took over the lead off spot by going 0-4. Bourn did later enter in ninth as a pinch runner. The Astros again were able to the make the ninth inning exciting off Brian Wilson by putting men on the corners with two outs. Kaz Matsui pinched hit for B. Myers but once again failed to come through as he struck out.

The Astros now travel to play the Dodgers in a two game series before heading home to play the Rockies and Rays. Houston Batting & Pitching Stats are :