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Sunday Red

In Golf on April 11, 2010 at 12:13 pm

After three rounds at the Masters, Tiger Woods is only four shots back. Many “experts” had Woods finishing outside the top ten and not even contending due to the huge layoff and the other priorities going on in Mr. Woods life. It is really hard to believe that Woods would not be ready for this event despite the whole ordeal and the layoff. We have to remember Mr. Woods was out eight months due to his surgery and when he came back, he was still winning. Being able to go out on the golf course, especially at Augusta is an oasis. It is a place that Tiger can just get away and feel at home. Tiger has won four Masters and now is seeking for his fifth.

From day 1, the reception that Woods received off the first tee couldn’t have made him feel any more relaxed. The huge gallery with cheers in favor for Woods, just made that blast down the middle of the fairway even that much sweeter. Throughout the whole day, Woods seemed to be on his game. The only thing that wasn’t pure was his putting game. Even with that he shot four under and was only two off the lead at the end of the day.

Round two Wood’s scorecard was almost went unblemished if it wasn’t for the one bogie on hole four. Woods ended up with three birdies and once again Woods and one of his player partners,K.J. Choi, had matching scores. Tiger did putt better on Friday as he mentioned he read and hit his lines better but just misjudged the speed a little. The drives were crisp and down the fairway and the approach shots were not bad. Woods talked about how he was going to try to limit his flair ups and become more tame on the course. He also wanted to show more appreciation toward the fans as they congratulated him. Both seem more evident on Friday though you could see Tiger cuss under his breath on some shots. The fist pumps were toned down a lot and he even went out of his way to sign more autographs after the round.

Moving day at the Masters is the most important day for Tiger. It ended up being the most up and down day too when Tiger posted seven birdies and five bogies. But this day definitely highlighted by Phil Mickelson’s play. From hole 13-15, Phil Mickelson had back to back eagles and almost another one on 15. He finished -5 under for the day and one shot off the leader, Lee Westwood. Tiger was able to birder three in row to get back in contention and now sits four shots back.

Now it is Sunday, the day we see Red on Tiger and again possibly one of his famous comebacks. The leaders know he is there and how will they be able to sustain the Tiger pressure. We have seen throughout the years players just buckle due the enormous crowds that follow and the cheers at Augusta can just break a man. Once again paired with K.J Choi for the fourth straight day, will Tiger be able to pull away and be wearing his fifth green jacket? It starts now golf fans and this again will become a historic day.


Tiger Woods

In Golf on March 17, 2010 at 12:20 am

Hello World, Again..

America loves drama and for the past three months Mr. Woods has provided plenty of chatter. From a car accident that concerned millions of fans to committing adultery to not just one women but up to ten. The world waited for explanations and reasons but news of Tiger’s existence laid dormant for two months. As ESPN, CNN, and multiple entertainment sources shuffled for viable stories, rumors leaked that Woods and Elin have separated.  Then on February 19th, 2010 Woods spoke publicly and presented an apology that many felt scripted that showed limited heartfelt emotions. We found out that Tiger had been spending the past few weeks in therapy to help solve many of his addictions. The public overall perception seemed to be varied but in the end most people just wanted one thing. Courses filled with galleries in the thousands either rooting or heckling the world’s number one. Then March 16th Tiger Woods announced that his hiatus from golf will end on April 8th. The Masters will become the biggest viewed drama filled event since Jersey Shore. Augusta has been kind to Tiger as he has won 4 majors here and his first  major win was at Augusta in 1997.

Tiger will have to reinvent himself all over again. This time it won’t be with the club but how will he be able to cope with fans, players and especially the biggest protagonist at this time, the media. 1996 when Tiger turned pro, many people knew he was good but how good. Now fourteen years later with over 120 career victories, this is a different type of monster Woods has to contend with. Known for his tough mentality, Tiger has been able to block out just about anything that seemed to hinder his performance. Throughout his career people never really questioned his personal life. He has managed to avoid the tabloids and maintain what seemed a normal family lifestyle. Come Augusta things will be different and almost carry an awkward feeling. As fans of golf and not just Tiger, how do we react to his success on the links? Do we just block out his personal problems and view him as we have for many years? What he did was wrong and should be a criminal act but still we live in a country that tends to forgive and second chances seem to a commodity. There are a lot of people who say they will keep watching Tiger and rooting for him. We watch him only to perform and sink those birdie putts to win tournaments. Who doesn’t enjoy watching 300 yard drives from the tee or sticking balls a foot from the pin from 150 out. It is what draws us to the game of golf and we all idolize to play like Tiger. The PGA needs Tiger and it is really evident when t.v ratings area at their lowest. Multiple players have spoken and almost sound desperate for Tiger to be back. If Woods can come out and just finish in the top 5 in three weeks, people will most likely will forgive Tiger’s actions. Things will return back to normal and the world will be right.

Maybe this is good for Tiger though. He was always passionate on the golf course which is great. At times though he became too passionate and then throwing of clubs and unnecessary cursing followed. He seem to defy the term gentlemen’s game. With a whole new chapter to his life now, this will maybe tone him down and he could be even a scarier golfer than before. Whatever happens from The Masters forward will be historic but as of now Tiger is saying for the second time, “Hello World.”

Rawl’s Golf Experience

In Golf on March 5, 2010 at 6:53 pm

Bunkers Galore

I know that I said I would post about my golf experience after I got back but I was way too tired to even think about what to say. Now two days later and after much deliberation, here are my thoughts about the overall adventure on this course. Starting with hole number one I was in awe how long this course is and how many hills it displayed. Also shocking is the amount of bunkers Rawl’s compasses. Unlike majority of courses in Lubbock, bunkers are definitely a commodity in this town. After hitting drive into a bunker down the left hand side, I already knew this was going to be a long day. My playing partners Ben and Steven both ended up with decent drives down the fairway to set up for great approach shot. Once I got to the bunker, my ball wasn’t sitting too awfully and I was able to take a shot at the green. After blasting out of the sand and landing a few feet right of the green, Ben and Steven both take their second shots and end up scattered around the green too. Lying two, my chip lands about 10 feet away from the hole where I eventually two putt and up with a pleasing five. Needless to say I wish the rest of the round was this satisfying. The next three holes my ball seem find comfort in the bunkers. Hole 3, the par three that is engulfed with sand that I looked forward to playing, I ended up with a six. Usually as the day goes on, I tend to find my swing or I am able to adjust enough where my scores are consistent throughout. Well with the difficulty of this course and my driver not acting the way I wanted it to. I had scores from 4 to 10 all over and even had to result using my 3 iron off the tee. My play on the green was probably the most frustrating experiences I have had to deal with all day. On the front nine I had four par putts from 10 feet in and missed all four terribly. I don’t know if it is my inability to read the greens, that I am really uncomfortable using the putter or combination of both but this trend of missing short putts eventually added up to three or four putting holes and skiing rocking my score to 115. Am I shocked with my score? Absolutely not, but I was very disappointed in the way I played. The only part of my game that was tolerable was my iron play. My three iron kept me from shooting 120 + and actually set me up for great par opportunities. By the time we rolled around to hole 18, all of us were exhausted from the beating Rawl’s gave and just wanted to get it over. 18 is a blistering 562 par five that has a huge lake in front of the green. We all decided to lay up and try to hit across the water to set up a safer approach shot to the hole. My first shot is solid but drifts to the right and splashes. Ben goes and his shot looks like it will make it but hits the edge of the fairway and rolls in the water. Steven’s second, third, fourth and fifth all end up taking a bath and then on his six, he finally gets it over to only hit it back in on the short approach. Eventually we all get to the green and end the round. At the end of the day I really enjoyed my time playing but I wouldn’t go back to play until my game is more polished. I recommend everyone to play this course while you are in Lubbock because you definitely receive your money’s worth.

Final Score:

Ben- 105

Burt- 115

Steven- 116

Hitting The Links

In Golf on March 3, 2010 at 3:59 am

The Rawls Golf Course

of Texas Tech


Well in less than 12 hours I will be hitting the links at TTU’s famous Rawls Golf Course. Rawls has been ranked by numerous websites in the top 15 for collegiate golf courses. If you go to Rawls website, they also give details of the course rankings, ( ). Roughly 7,344 yards from the blue tees, Rawls consists of 3 par fives, 11 par fours and 4 par threes. The total out is 35 while the total in is 36, bringing the overall tally to 71. I have never played this course for a couple reasons. One, not near good enough to even break 100 and the price. According to the website, the normal fee is $40 but then there are bunch of other student, holiday, twilight and staff rates. As excited as I am to play this course, I know that I am no where near ready. Going with my roommate Ben and friend Steven will make it a lot more pleasurable. Especially since we are about the same skill level, each of us with a certain “strength” in our game. One hole I am looking forward to is hole number 3 which is a par 3. It is 190 yards from the blue to the pin and is downhill. It is surround by five big bunkers, three in the front with two in the back. Unlike most courses in Lubbock, Rawls may be the only course where there are bunkers. One hole that I am not looking forward too but luckily we will have golf carts, is the long 605 yard, hole 17. I have been struggling to be consistent off the tees and if i cannot get my ball down the fairway, look for a score of 7 +. I will most likely update my progress through twitter tomorrow, so those that have twitter may follow me. If you do not have my link, look in the Introductory post and the link should be posted. Hopefully later on tomorrow afternoon, I will post my overall review and experience of the course, along with my view of MLB The Show 2010.

Hole #3 – Par 3 ( 190 yards)