New Era In Both TT

In Random Rants on August 9, 2010 at 8:58 pm

This is a new era in Texas Tech Football as there will be a new head coach leading the Red Raiders out onto the field. Former Auburn coach, Tommy Tuberville will be now controlling the reigns of Tech as his new image and character has seem to make significant changes already. After the Mike Leach debacle, everyone was on edge to find out who would be taking over as names were being thrown out in the wind. Finally once news broke on who would be in charge, everyone become optimistic of the future. As the months soon passed, people started seeing positive change as better recruits were making commitments. More convincing to prove that Tech will become a powerhouse seem to seep into people’s minds and the new East Side Expansion progression has increased anticipation.

The season begins 28 days from now as the Red Raiders will be facing the SMU Mustangs on September 5th. The game  is on a Sunday which is very different as most collegiate football games are held on a Saturday. Tech is 30-16 vs SMU and look to extend their current 12 game winning streak. As of now no one really knows who the starting QB will be but I think either Taylor Potts or Steven Sheffield will be prepared to lead the Red Raiders to victory. This will be the first game as head coach of the Red Raiders for Tommy Tuberville and everyone will be intrigued to see if the offense changes a lot and how much better the defense will be. Tech also has a new offensive coordinator in Neal Brown who came over from Troy. While at Troy, Brown also lead a pass happy offense which actually racked up more yards than Tech did last season. We all have been told that the offense will remain the same but try to utilize the backs more. I am honestly fine with this as long as we can still score at will. The main concern that all Tech fans have is the mediocre defense. While yes Tech can score on majority of teams, being able to hold those teams have been disheartening. Now that new defensive coordinated has been put in place, James Willis. Willis was the linebacker coach last year at Alabama who are coming off a National Championship win. This has brought a lot of new optimism as now Tech has put in place two defensive minded coaches.

I honestly think Tech can have a decent season once again reaching a bowl game. Ideally I think Tech should win 9 games. Tech’s schedule follows as

The first two games will be a good test for both team and coaching staff to see how prepared and ready this team will be going into the rest of the season. I believe that both of these games against SMU & @ New Mexico should be wins, they will not be blow outs. Then September 18, the game that everyone all season will be anticipating brings the Texas Longhorns back to Lubbock, TX. As many of us remember, the last the UT played at Jones AT&T stadium, they walked away being upset as Michael Crabtree scored the game winning touchdown with a second left on the clock. Now both teams are basically have a new looking arsenal, this will stay make for an exciting game. I think Tech has a very good chance to pull out of this game with a W and with an always rowdy Tech crowd, this should help the Red Raiders come out victorious. If Tech does win, the next three games should also be victories. The Red Raiders will be facing Baylor in Dallas again but not at Cowboys Stadium. They both will be playing at the Cotton Bowl stadium and the last time Tech played there, they lost to Ole Miss in the 2008 Cotton Bowl game. Baylor has yet to be the Red Raiders since the birth of the Big 12 but have been playing Tech a lot closer. A 6-0 start will be outstanding but after their match up against the Ok. State Cowboys, Tech will have to travel to Boulder,  Colorado. Despite how bad the Buffaloes are, the Red Raiders always have trouble in Boulder. For some reason, winning at Folsom Field seems impossible. I think Tech will lose this game to notch their first L of the season. Last year the Aggies came stumbling into Lubbock after being dismantled by the Kansas Jayhawks. Well they seem to take out their aggressions as they rolled over Tech, 52-30. Tech does have a chance to win this game but it is always difficult to win in Kyle Field. I just have a gut feeling that Tech will walk away with a loss.  Despite A&M having a terrible defense, their offense will be quite good. The game will be close and exciting like most are but I see A&M winning by 10. Missouri will be the next opponent and just like Colorado, Tech has trouble beating this team that they should notch Ws against. Missouri is on a three game winning streak against the Red Raiders but I think their winning streak ends this year. By now Tuberville will have the Red Raiders extremely ready, especially if Tech does lose to A&M. The game at Norman vs the Sooners will be a loss. The Sooners are loaded at almost every position and looking to once again redeem themselves as Tech ran Landry Jones and his crew out of town. This game could be ugly once again just like 2008. The next two games should be winnable, especially the game against Weber State. Houston will finish off the regular season and will be a huge game for Tech as they want to revenge their loss last year to the Cougars. While Houston will be tough, I think Houston’s weaknesses will be easily exposed by the time this game arrives.

As I mention, a nine game winning season would be optimal and very possible. Anything more would be outstanding and anything less especially under 8 will be a disappointment. I am just reading for tailgating and spending some more great moments will my fellow Red Raiders.


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