Top Ten Power Rankings 6/28/2010

In Random Rants on June 28, 2010 at 3:22 pm

There has been some movement amongst teams the past few weeks and some clubs separating themselves from the pack even more. The Texas Rangers have made the most positive strides the past three weeks which has propelled them extremely high in my rankings while some clubs have been able to maintain consistency throughout their division leading up to the All-Star game.

1.) New York Yankees (47-28) – The A.L. East looks like it will be a tight battle leading up to the All-Star game in Anaheim. The Yankees have been battling with some of the more premier teams throughout baseball and have come out basically unscathed and still atop of the East. They will finish out the month of June against the Mariners and then will face the Blue Jays, Athletics and then complete the first half against the Mariners. Robinson Cano has been the All-star for this club and should be making a trip out west as he leads the Yankees in home-runs, batting average and hits. Alex Rodriguez is still putting up his typical stats as he leads team in RBIs. Their starting rotation is still as dominate as ever with the exception of A.J Burnett who has struggled as he has gone 0-5 since his last victory May 30th against the Indians.

2.) Texas Rangers (46-29)- Definitely the hottest team in baseball in the month of June, it looks like the Rangers have finally figured out how to put a strong winning streak together without a losing streak to follow. Texas has gone 20-5 in the month of June and put an eleven game winning streak together before losing to Houston. With their recent series win over the Astros, the Rangers have once again claimed the Silver boot for the fourth year straight. Also they are tied with the Padres with the biggest lead margin in their division at 4.5 games. Josh Hamilton has probably been the hottest player throughout baseball this month as he has been able to bring his batting average from .289 to .346. Also he is currently riding a 21 game hitting streak. The Rangers also lead the majors in total batting average at .283.

3.) Boston Red Sox ( 46-31) – It looks likes the Red Sox have finally found their stride as they are now in second place in the East. A team that looked too old at the beginning of season to compete has now become the third best team in baseball. Outside of the Blue Jays, Boston have become the new Bronx Bombers as they currently sit second in home-runs at 103. They also have scored the most runs in baseball with 423 and have the most the most doubles at 185. David Ortiz who has been pretty irrelevant all season looks like he has saved himself from being traded as he been a big bat as of lately belting 3 home-runs over a course of nine games. With those three dingers, he now leads the team in home-runs with 16. Clay Buchholz is tied for second in the majors with ten wins while his teammate Jon Lester sits with nine.

4.) San Diego Padres ( 45-30)- I am surprised that the Padres haven’t hit a wall yet and surrender their lead that they have been able to maintain all season. They are the only team in the N.L to have a winning percentage that clips the .600 marks. Like the Texas Rangers, they hold a 4.5 game lead over their division foe. What still shocks me is that the Padres are still not a very good hitting ball club as they sit 26 overall in hitting. They do not score many runs, hardly any home-runs and they have one of the lowest batting average. The one they do prove throughout baseball is with a strong pitching staff, mediocre hitting is enough as of now to carry them to the promise land. They do have a second half to play and with a pitching staff that isn’t filled with an all-star roster, will they be able to maintain this consistency?Their starters by just wins only have two pitchers with eight wins but each with four or more losses. Their not a big strikeout team but somehow can get the important outs.

5.) Atlanta Braves ( 44-32) – The National League East is definitely tighter than I thought it would be with the Braves leading. With three teams within 3.5 games it does make it one of the most exciting divisions to watch. Out of all the teams leading their division the Braves do post the worst road record at 18-24 but have been absolutely dominant at home with a 26-8 record. They are the only club to have less than ten losses at home. They will have two more home series against the Nationals and Marlins before they head on the road to face the Phillies and Mets to close out of the first half. Their series against the Nationals will match up Tim Hudson vs rookie sensation Stephen Strasburg. This team is getting solid production throughout the lineup with no real stud leading the team in stats. Martin Prado does have 108 hits which correlates to his high batting average. Troy Glaus leads the team in home-runs and RBIs.

6.) Tampa Bay Rays (44-31)- Despite reeling the second half of June, the Rays are still one of the better teams in the league. With their recent club house disagreements between Longoria and Upton being squashed, the Rays look to regain their lead in the East. Since their series at the Atlanta Braves, they Rays have only won four games while losing eight. Their bats have gone cold as they have been able to score only 2 or 3 runs a game which is unusual since they are one of the highest scoring teams in the league. David Price has been the best pitcher in the rotation with now 11 wins and only three losses. His 2.44 ERA is the second lowest in the A.L. behind Cliff Lee. Closer Rafael Soriano has eighteen saves and only blown one. Carl Crawford leads the team in batting average and is second overall in the league with 26 steals. Evan Longoria and Ben Zobrist have been the other big bats in the lineup and despite Carlos Pena low batting average, he does manage to hit home-runs.

7.) Cincinnati Reds ( 42-34) – The Reds have played typical Reds baseball beating teams they are supposed to and losing to the stronger clubs. They still some how manage to keep playing into extra innings as they boast a 6-2 record. They hold a half a game lead over the Cardinals but are sepereating themselves over the rest of the N.L. Central. Their pitching staff has the highest ERA for teams leading their division which doesn’t bold well for the future. If they make it to the playoffs, they will need to upgrade otherwise they will see an early exit. Much like the Atlanta Braves, there isn’t a stallion that carries the club. Phillips, Votto, Rolen, Gomes and Bruce are all batting above .280 which does make this lineup dangerous. Their starting pitching numbers on paper are not impressive but they are reliable especially in the weak Central. They do have one of the best closers in the league with Francisco Cordero at 20 saves.

8.) Minnesota Twins ( 41-34) – The Twins should be better than their numbers show. They still do lead their division but their lead has slimmed down quite significantly. They are a very hot and cold team and but when the go cold, they basically are stagnant. They do have a pretty high batting average but have hit in the most double plays with 85. Also with a 1015 ground ball outs, they sit with some of the worst teams in the league. Pitching could be better as three of five starters have an ERA over 4.00. Their bullpen is what is really been their backbone as of now. It has been the Justin Morneau show as he has been the team leader for the majority of the season. Joe Mauer and Delmon Young have been pretty solid too but the rest of the team goes on too many hot and cold streaks to maintain any consistency.

9.) New York Mets ( 43-32) – After a terrible May, the Mets have turned in around and have had one of the best months so far this season in June. Only losing six games, the Mets went on an eight game winning streak and did quite well against the A.L. during interleague play. They will face two division leaders before the break, one of them being their division leaders the Atlanta Braves. If they can maintain their winning ways up to the Braves series, they could be leading this division come All-Star week. Despite the Braves having the best home winning percentage, the Mets are the only club to win 28 games at home in the N.L. After a mediocre 2009 season, David Wright looks to be right back on track has he already has surpassed his home-run total from 09 and is only 11 RBIs from tying last year. They are a great base running team as they avoid getting into bad situations. Jose Reyes has 19 stolen bases which places him in the top twenty but has the best ratio in SB/CS. Fielding, the Mets only have committed 36 errors which places them six overall.

10.) Los Angeles Angels ( 43-35) – With the Athletics falling apart, Angels have been able to capitalize and jump into second place in the West. They started off the month of June extremely hot winning seven of ten but have slowed down a bit towards the end. Like most teams in the top ten, the Angels are one of the better hitting clubs. They do not have a great overall batting average but are clutch when they need to be. Pitching  they do not post a very pleasing ERA but due to their key hits, their starting pitchers do manage to notch a good amount of wins. Weaver, Pineiro and Santana all have seven wins or more. Weaver leads the majors in strikeouts at 118 and doesn’t surrender many walks. The line up when clicking can be dangerous and they strike hard too when they do. Any of their players can hit home-runs and they score in bunches. Their upcoming series with the Texas Rangers will be important if they want to try to gain any ground before hosting the All-Star game.


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