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A Nation Filled With Hidden Passion

In Random Rants on June 22, 2010 at 1:46 pm

Sports fans all over the world recognize how big the World Cup event is. You can be a fan of any other sport but when majority of the world stops to watch their country compete in historic events, than right there you know that the game of soccer is on another level. For the Americans, the game of soccer “futbol” is on the verge of finally breaking through. Many people in this country do not like to admit their admiration for the game because they feel like it isn’t “good” enough for them. We live in a country where baseball is the past time sport but where football is the most popular. Then you have basketball, racing and hockey. There are so many options to choose from and majority of these options when turning pro pay a lot better than the MLS. But with time, the sport of soccer has been growing and at a pretty rapid pace. It seems now where ever you walk you will run into a soccer fanatic and even one that is rooting for the U.S.

Does the world view the Yanks as an everyday threat? Yes, I believe this country has proven itself numerous times that it can compete with the big boys of the world. Does the world view the Yanks as a nation of true soccer supporters? I don’t believe so and this is supported by the the simple fact when it comes to our true compassion, it lies somewhere else. Americans were behind the U.S. hockey national team come the Olympics and the NHL hoped that this would boost interest in the sport. Well ESPN, Fox, ABC and so on couldn’t have been more wrong and disappointed. Would I like to see the sport of hockey grow? Sure, why not? There is nothing wrong with having multiple sports where its popularity and support rises comes when it is time to strap up. You hear people say that soccer isn’t a tough enough sport and that is why they do not root for it. Than why not root for hockey? I mean, the NHL basically promotes itself as the toughest sport out there. That is pretty much proven when about 90% players are missing teeth and have bruised eyes when the game is done.

So than what is the answer for soccer? What needs to be done to make sure this sport doesn’t like dormant for years to come. One huge factor is the success of the United States men team. They are one win away from advancing to the round of 16. A win versus Algeria could do much more than just send them on but help create a solid following around the nation. If people can see that this country has supporters and can compete, than those people will develop a passion for the sport, not matter how small it is. All you need is that one moment in life that can change the way you view things. Soccer is a game of beauty, something that most sports do not have. Yes, we all over high scoring games and people being leveled. It is in our blood, we are American. What soccer brings is those gorgeous passes and fluid movement that can capture our eyes like we have never seen before. Those passes that some how make it through three defenders and create opportunity for that one gracious goal. When we see that ball sneak by the keeper and land in the back of the net, we get a feeling that like no other. It can come in the first five minute or the 89th. The emotion is the same.

We all are not fans of every sport that is played. We all acknowledge though that there is a strong following within this country for that sport. So those that cannot and will not ever enjoy the sport of soccer. That is fine, just realize that it is the worlds most popular sport for a reason. If you can just get by your reasons why you do not like it, just take ten minutes to watch the game, especially if you can watch your country compete. Just be supportive of your nation because they are not just playing for themselves but they are playing for you. They are going out there to try to show not just us but the world that the United States is a legit soccer country.