Astros Update

In Houston Astros 2010 Season on June 19, 2010 at 2:31 pm

Nothing much has changed since my last post after Houston was swept by the Yankees. They went to Kansas City to face the Royals to drop 2 of 3 and now have started their Lone Star Series against the Texas Rangers by losing the first game. Most ball clubs tend to improve despite how bad they are during the season. There are usually part of the line up that sees promise or even the bull pen. The thing is when I look at the Astros stats and analyze the percentage, Houston hasn’t shown hope.

Carlos Lee started of the season terrible. Batting around .210 for majority of the year, Lee finally snapped out of his slump to bring his average up to .268. Then the last past two weeks, his average has dropped significantly again and now sits a .224. Michael Bourn who was batting over .310 for all of May and into June, now is barely clipping the .250 mark. The return of Lance Berkman helped the Astros go on a winning streak at the beginning of the year but since then, he hasn’t performed to his normal standards. The rest of the line-up basically has the same story with the same sad ending. Maybe the one player that seems to be showing any signs of a quality MLB player is Jeff Keppinger. Keppinger started the season on the bench playing behind Tommy Manzella, Keppinger started getting playing time and has done extremely well considering how terrible the rest of the team has been.

The pitching is a mess. That is all that really needs to honestly be said. Roy wants out and the rest of the rotation needs to be back in the minors. I was hoping Wandy Rodriguez would be really proving himself as a number two ace, but his 3-10 record has proven me wrong. Brett Myers is doing his part but really isn’t a threat when he takes the mound. Paulino had a nice pitching streak over his last five starts before giving up 8 runs in 4.2 innings to the Royals. The bullpen can go and should. The club needs to have a fire house sale and dump everyone. Surprising how negative this all sounds, the Astros are not the worst team in baseball nor the worst team in their division. I am sure they wish All-Star break was the end of their season but maybe there will be some significant adjustments before the second half to make the rest of the season more tolerable.


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