Top 10 MLB Rankings 6/7/2010

In Around The League on June 7, 2010 at 11:46 am

Things have really not changed a lot since my last top rankings release. Most of your big name clubs that you expect to be leading are and you are starting to see some cinderella teams emerge. Once again, The Hot Corner has Tampa Bay Rays leading off with most of the same teams in the top ten, just switching spots.

1.) Tampa Bay Rays ( 37-20)- Still the best team in baseball, the Rays have been able to keep a lead in the tight A.L. East. They have struggled since they took the series against the Astros, going 5-8 while dispensing a lot of runs. This could be blamed on the Rays hitting their meat of their May schedule but they havent faired too well starting in June. Their next five series do not show any signs of relief as they will face four teams with winnings records and are contending for first. The hitting hasn’t let up any but the pen isn’t performing as well as they should. They actually boast a far better road record 22-8, than a home record, 15-12.

2.) New York Yankees ( 35-22)- The Bronx Bombers have been playing well but not great. With the Rays not playing any better though, the Yankees have been able to make a ground and tighten the gap between them by two games. After dominating the Twins and Indians, the Yankees have been able to boost their record vs. the Central to 10-7. Their dominance over the Orioles also help close the gap on the Rays, only to fall a game back by losing the series to the Blue Jays. Next NY faces the two worst teams in baseball in the Orioles and Astros. A clean sweep vs. these two ball clubs could propel them into first.

3.) San Diego Padres ( 33-23)- It is still odd to see the Padres in the top 10, neither less the top five. But the boys from the West Coast have been making noise by defeating their tougher opponents. Unfortunately the team they suffered losses to were the Dodgers who have made huge strides to get back into contention. Out of all the teams leading their respected division, the Padres have scored the least amount of runs at 239. Still the same story from three weeks ago, out of all the teams leading their division, the Padres have allowed the fewest amount of runs at 187. With this, they have one of the top positive differentials in the league.

4.) Atlanta Braves ( 33-24) – With the Mets and Phillies playing up and down baseball the past two weeks, the Braves have been able to take advantage. Sitting in third for majority of the season, Atlanta has gone 10-3 in their past four series and are now sitting in first. Martin Prado is still tearing it up has he has 80 hits, 26 more than the next leading guy, Tony Glaus. Rookie sensation Jason Heyward has the highest OBP for a starter and second most HR on the team at 10. Starting pitchers Derek Lowe, Tim Hudson and Tommy Hanson are all dominating as they been able to double their win to loss total.

5.) St. Louis Cardinals ( 33-24) – For the past two and half weeks, the Cardinals have been battling it out with the Reds for first place. Now they both sit atop of the N.L. Central tied with about a month and half until All-Star break. The Cardinals hitting isn’t as near as dominate as last year but they are getting solid production from their whole line up. Their number one and two pitchers are still dominating, possibly making them the best 1-2 combo in the Central. Inter-league play is about to kick in as they face the Athletics, Mariners, Blue Jays and Royals. The toughest club as of now will be the Blue Jays and the Athletics could poise problems.

6.) Minnesota Twins ( 33-24) – There are currently five teams boasting a 33-24 record and one of them is the Twins. Minnesota though is the only team out of the A.L. to match this record and maintain a three game lead over the Tigers. Justin Morneau still leads the major with his batting average of .370. He also leads his team in home-runs, RBIs, OBP and hits. He also has 30 more total bases than the next leading candidate , Michael Cuddyer. The Twins starting five are pitching well but not great. They all have pretty inflated ERAs but are able to rack up quality starts.

7.) Boston Red Sox ( 33-25)- Finally the Red Sox look like what many hope to expect. After 20-20 start, Boston has now turned it on and gone 13-5 propelling them into a tie for third and now only 4.5 games back. The Red Sox are tied with the Yankees for runs scored and lead baseball overall in hitting. Jonathan Pabelbon is tied fifth in saves while starting pitcher Clay Buchholz leads the team in wins with 8. After their next series with the Indians, the Red Sox will face five N.L. teams, starting off with the Philadelphia Phillies. Then the next four opponents will all be from the West except the division leading Padres.

8.) Los Angeles Dodgers ( 33-24)– For awhile, it looked like the Dodgers where going to have a very destructive season. Than in the month of May, L.A. went 19-8 and only .5 games back of the Padres. With the return of Andre Ethier, L.A. has been able to keep up their winnings ways in the month of June. Kemp, Etheir and Loney are the big bats as they all lead their respected categories. Their isn’t a real dominated ace right now on the squad but there is enough dominance throughout the order to maintain winning baseball. With Jonathan Broxton dominating the closer roll, this has helped take tax off the bullpen. The rest of June, L.A. possibly has the hardest schedule as they face the Cardinals, Angels, Yankees, Red Sox, Reds and Giants.

9.) Cincinnati Reds ( 33-24) – Not much has changed for the Reds throughout the month of May and into June. Still winning and trying to maintain in first. This teams overall schedule in May wasn’t that tough but June should tell a different story. The Reds should walk out of June with a winning record but could have a pretty big dint in their overall record. The Cardinals, who are currently tied for first with the Reds, have about the same type of schedule. Luckily, most of June is interleague play, so not a lot of ground could be loss but unfortunately, not a lot of ground could be gained.

10.) Toronto Blue Jays ( 33-25) – This team doesn’t seem to go away and they look like they are here to stay. They ended the month of May on a four game winning streak and just took their first series in June against the Yankees. This team doesn’t look fancy on paper but they carry huge bats. Leading the league in home-runs with 97, the Jays are well ahead of the Red Sox who have 79. Their starting pitchers have good records with Ricky Romero leading the squad. Romero is in second behind Tim Lincecum in strikeouts and has pitch the fourth most innings at 85.1. The Jays interleague schedule is pretty tough as they will face two first place teams, two second place teams and then a resilient Rockies squad.


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